Dr. Luke Hobson
Program Manager @ MIT, Founder of Instructional Design Institute

Collaborating and Building Relationships with SMEs

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Hi 👋

I’m Luke, a Program Manager at MIT, an Online Instructor for SNHU, and the Founder of Instructional Design Institute.

My life is online learning and I love sharing my experiences with other instructional designers and teachers! My philosophy on learning comes from MIT, which is mens et manus or mind and hand. I believe in providing you with practical applications and helping you develop real tangible skills. I’ve been told that my super power is being able to take complex ideas and translate them into simple lessons.

No matter what course I’m designing, I follow Universal Design for Learning as a framework to overcome barriers and provide flexibility. What I care about the most is the online learning experience and providing every opportunity for students to learn.

On a personal note, I’m a husband, dog dad, musician, and a health and fitness nut.

Looking forward to meet you!

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