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Julia Saxena
Online Course Specialist

How to create a transformative course that your learners want to complete

Get an actionable system to improve student success and course completion rates

3 hours of learning • Beginner & intermediate level • 14 days money back guarantee

Creating training takes a lot of time and resources. Anyone who's tried it knows. 

But if learners don't benefit from it or aren't committed to using what they learn, these resources are wasted.

That's why getting to know your students is crucial to ensure that your training hits the mark. 

With the right system in place, student research doesn't have to take a lot of time and effort

This course helps you discover what your students want and need to learn by establishing an easy and fun to-do research "habit." 

When you implement this system, your training will have higher completion rates and satisfaction scores, while your students will better retain and apply your material.

What do others say about Julia?

Julia’s advice for my upcoming course has helped clear the fog around the complexity of online course creation time and again. If you’re thinking about creating your own, her masterclass will save you a ton of time and effort.

Jonathan E. Chen

Highly, highly recommend @juliasaxena and her brilliant support for course creators and anyone teaching online.

Caroline Goyder

One of the most helpful people around. Also a master facilitator @juliasaxena

Mohammed Abubucker

What will you get?

💡 4 modules focused on the need-to-know information

🎬 Short, snackable videos with practical and immediately actionable steps

📄 Templates and cheat sheets to help you implement what you learn

Course outline

🚀 Let's get started!

Why getting to know your learners is important

🤩 What's the ultimate goal and the benefits of this approach?

🧐 Why is getting to know your learners important

🎯 Set your goal

What you need to know about your learners

🤓 Who are your learners?

🌉 What transformation do you need to create?

✍️ Create and share your student avatar

🔍 Review your peers' student avatars

🔎 Review your own student avatar

🗒️ Reflect on your feedback

How to establish a research habit

📌 Basic Principle

💬 Group discussion

👥 Where to get insights

📒 Where to capture your insights

📝 How and when to capture your insights

🔑 5 basic rules for your research

How to use your insights to create better trainings

🗃️ How to organize your insights

🛠️ How to use your insights

End of the course

💡 What were your main takeaways from this course?

🎯 Reflect on your goal

Meet your instructor

Hi, I’m Julia Saxena 👋, I’m a copywriter and help course creators pack their cohorts with their ideal students and deliver a transformational learning experience.

I also run a cohort-based course teaching professionals to get more comfortable, confident, and competent on camera together with Cam Houser – it's called Minimum Viable Video.

Learn by doing

This isn’t your typical self-paced course 

Where you passively listen to a bunch of lectures but rarely reach the “doing” step. This course is focused on taking action. Ideally, you'll bring a training you want to create to this course and can directly apply what you learn right from the start. 

These components will help you get the most out of this course:


Guided exercises will prompt you to get “doing” and create tangible assets, like a student avatar, that you can use to develop your training. And they’ll also help you internalize your learnings to make them stick.

Peer reviews

You won’t be learning only from your instructor but also your peers. When you review your fellow learners' work, you can see how they’ve solved the same exercise, and you can help them improve. Of course, you’ll receive peer feedback as well! This is one of the most effective ways to improve your work.


Discussion prompts will let you get to know your peers in the course so you can connect and learn from each other.

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