Team Eduflow

Getting started with Eduflow

The complete course to learn about all the nooks and crannies of Eduflow

8 hours of learning • From beginner to expert
Course outline

The Eduflow course content creation team.

Learn by doing

Increased learning outcomes with active learning

This course leverages active learning components to increase learning outcomes and increase knowledge retention.


Through the course you will be tasked with different exercises like written reflections and student avatar development. This will help you internalize your learnings to make them stick.

Peer reviews

In addition to exercises, you will also be asked to review other learners’ work to see how others solved the same exercise as you and to help peers improve their work. You will receive peer feedback as well! This is one of the most effective learning activities to improve your work.


Engage in discussions, get to know your other peers in the course, connect and learn from each other.

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