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Self-paced · Free

Surviving as an L&D micro-team

Use your limited time and resources to cultivate an autonomous learning culture.
Cassandra Naji
Head of Learning and Development @ Animalz
Self-paced · Free

Scale Learning with Effective Peer Review

Explore how incorporating peer review inspires engagement in learning experiences, especially as your learner count increases.
David Kofoed Wind
Founder & CEO @ Eduflow
Self-paced · Free

Writing Discussion Questions That Actually Spark Discussions

Learn about how to write engaging discussion questions that will actually engage students in real discussions.
David Kofoed Wind
Founder & CEO @ Eduflow
Self-paced · Free

Getting Started with Eduflow

Discover the features of Eduflow's LMS while you practice building your own course along the way.
Team Eduflow Academy
Terra van der Lugt
Customer Success & Community Manager @ Eduflow Academy
Self-paced · Free

Story Design in Real Life: From Analysis to Delivery

Learn about Rance Greene's tried-and-tested approach to using stories for more engaging and effective learning experiences.
Rance Greene
Founder @ Story Designer
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Using Frameworks to Empower SMEs

Discover how the creation of learning frameworks allows your team to scale the development of learning experiences while leveraging expert knowledge of your team members.
Barry Nadler
Learning Performance Consultant
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Scenario-Based Learning: Scaling for Impact

Join this roundtable discussion around how scenario-based learning creates safe opportunities to learn and increases retention for learning and implementing behavioral change at scale.
Heidi Kirby
L&D Leader & Host of the BLOC Podcast
Gwen Baker
Chief Learning Officer at Mursion
Zachary Gottlieb
VP, Revenue at Mursion
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Developing Quality Management Processes for eLearning Products

Explore the ways in which intentional processes around quality assurance and management help you and your team deliver excellent content.
Hadiya Nuriddin
Chief Learning Strategist, Senior Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Form versus Function

Which matters most in virtual course design - visual appeal or efficient, effective design? Explore the balance in this roundtable discussion.
Peter Shea
Director of Professional Development
Kryssia Kipp
Country Manager at Genially
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Make it Stick: Engagement Strategies for Effective eLearning and Video

Discover how marketing strategies help course designers unlock hidden potential in online training design.
Danielle Wallace
CEO and Chief Learning Strategist
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Gamification: Myth vs. Reality

Hear from gamification experts about best practices to engage learners in a fun and interactive way.
Moe Ash
Founder & Learning Architect
Tabatha Dragonberry
Senior Instructional Designer
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Learning with AI: Exploring the Potential of Generative Tech

In this series of exercises, we will explore the potential of generative AI in education, discuss current trends, and start working on best practices. We'll also examine the potential challenges and risks associated with its use.
Team Eduflow Academy
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Standardization, Consistency, and Efficiency in Your eLearning Development

How creating a standard process for eLearning development helped increase a team's efficiency and allow learners to focus on complex material.
Mike Belknap
Training Operations Manager
Deanna Flanagan
Partner Learning Manager
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Quick and easy learning experiences

Hear from expert instructional designers on how IDs can design engaging learning experiences quickly and easily.
Moe Ash
Founder & Learning Architect
Brenna O'Neill
Senior Instructional Designer
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Real-time vs. Self-paced collaborative learning

Compare synchronous and self-paced learning experiences and learn how to implement either option effectively while supporting collaboration and social learning.
Amy Stefanski
Manager | EDU & NGO
Reed Dickson
Program Manager
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Pedagogy vs. Andragogy

Unpack the meaning of pedagogy and andragogy to glean insights about designing learning experiences for each audience.
Brenna O'Neill
Senior Instructional Designer
Matthew Henshall
Founder of Lessonspace
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Improving the Learner Experience with UX Strategies

Leverage UX design strategies to elevate the visual appeal of your learning experiences.
Taylor Kong
Senior Instructional Designer
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

Microlearning vs Deeper Learning

Learn about what makes microlearning different from traditional learning - and which is better?
Kate Udalova
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer of 7taps
Dr. Luke Hobson
Author, Senior Instructional Designer & Program Manager @ MIT, Founder of Instructional Design Institute
Micro Course · Free · Webinar

The Evolution of Microlearning: Contextual Microlearning

Learn about the benefits of using context-based microlearning experiences and review specific examples of contextual microlearning.
Asif Rehmani
Founder and CEO of VisualSP
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Designing for Social Learning Experiences is yet another great course produced by Eduflow! What Eduflow continues to do so well is provide quality courses in a free, short format.

Melanie Tutin, Instructional Designer
Bridgewater College

The instructional design course from Eduflow was really thoughtfully designed. From the use of various instructional elements to the SME conversations, every touchpoint was meaningful.

Dyti Dawn, Lead LXD
FocusU Engage

The cohort-based course not only gave us the opportunity to learn but also to meet and interact with some great like-minded Instructional Designers. What a wild ride we took together. Grateful for the network the course fostered.

Chiedza Mutsaka Skyum, Instructional Designer
Malala Fund
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