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In the past 4 years we have been talking to 1000's of instructors and realized that what they need most is a home for their creativity.

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Learning is complex

Learning requires more than just videos and quizzes. Sure, videos and quizzes are good tools in the learning process – but if you really want to teach something challenging, you need activities that facilitate deeper learning and reflection.

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Learning is better together

Great learning experiences should have plenty of opportunities for learners to engage and learn from their peers. There should be opportunities to see work by others, share thoughts and feedback and engage in meaningful discussions.

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Tools need to connect

Most instructors use a wide range of tools for their teaching. Having these tools play well together and share information is essential for making the user experience smooth and coherent.

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Flexibility and personalization

Turn engaging activities and content into the learning experience you have always dreamed of. You know your learners well. That's why we want to make sure that you can customize the flow and settings for each of them.

Endless possibilities

Select from an extensive list of pre-made learning flows or create your own. The possibilities are endless!

Peer review flow

Peer review engages students in critical thinking and self-reflection. This flow has been designed to promote effective feedback with student submissions, peer feedback and feedback reactions.

Group work requires collaboration, participation and communication. The internal group feedback flow allows team members to give feedback on the group process and their peers' contributions.

Internal group feedback flow
Exemplar flow

An exemplar activity introduces learners to instructor-selected examples of work to help them understand the format, criteria, and expectations.

Students will get exposure to other interpretations of the same work.

Allow learners to build on their work and improve their submission. With resubmission flows students can draft and then resubmit work based on feedback received from teachers or their peers.

Drafts & resubmission flow
Grid with activities

From simple to complex. Mix and match our long list of learning activities to create just the right experience for your learners.

Customize everything

Eduflow makes customizing settings for  students simple and easy. From deadlines to different assignments, it's easy to individualize instruction!

Individual customization
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Complete overview

Monitor student progress with a complete
overview of where students are at in your
learning flow.