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Empower students
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Create better learning outcomes for students while saving time on grading

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Good feedback comes in many forms

Combine different types of feedback, including peer feedback, instructor feedback, self reviews and group member reviews.
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Group work

Make the feedback process collaborative

Eduflow allows groups of students to work together. This includes support for group peer feedback, group submissions and much more.
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The perfect feedback process for your students

Eduflow allows you to combine different learning activities in any way you can imagine. Deadlines, resubmissions, reflections — we handle it all.
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Teach. Measure. Improve.

Iterate to improve your feedback experiences with data-driven insights.
User interface with a table showing which activities each learner has completed
User interface with a table showing scores for different learners and activities
User interface with a table showing metadata for different learners and activities
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Full of features

If you want peer feedback to work, you need a structured and scaffolded process
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Video feedback

Let your students upload video submissions, or let them record directly in the browser. Perfect for presentation training and personal submissions.

Smart allocation

Our allocation algorithms automatically ensure that all students get good feedback by automatically assessing the feedback skills of reviewers.

Additional reviews

Some students find giving feedback a joy — so we make it easy to allow them to provide additional reviews if they want.

Feedback rubrics

Making peer feedback effective requires support. Eduflow’s peer feedback rubrics help students write useful, constructive, specific and kind feedback.

Personalized learning paths

Take control of each student’s personal experience by creating personalized learning paths based on individual needs.

Course assistants

Invite course assistants to help run your courses, and assign them to specific students. Assistants can give feedback to students and moderate the course.


Peer feedback is more effective if done anonymously. We make it easy to enable and disable anonymity on each part of the feedback process.

Reflection rubrics

Reading feedback is one thing, but if you really want to improve you want to reflect deeply on the feedback. Reflection rubrics guide students through the process.
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Supercharge your LMS, or use Eduflow as a stand-alone tool

Eduflow works on its own or alongside your LMS, and connects with other tools you already use.
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Analytics & security

Comprehensive course analytics. Robust data security.

Track your learning efficacy and student progress and gain contextual insights, with confidence your data is secure.
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