Attending OEB 2019? Let us pay to offset your carbon footprint.
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Attending OEB 2019? Let us pay to offset your carbon footprint.


If you are visiting Berlin for the OEB 2019 conference (November 27th–29th), come-by our booth (L06) and fill-out a short survey. We will pay to offset the carbon footprint of your travel (please avoid a coal-fuelled steam train, if possible, thank you 🙂)!

We (at Eduflow) will be attending the conference to showcase our platform for online courses. So we started thinking: “How do we get more people to visit our booth? Perhaps we should spend more money on Marketing and buy some cool swag 👕? Or maybe there is a way we could incentivize people to come & see us?…” which ultimately lead to the question:

“What if we help you do something good for the Planet?”

That immediately clicked with our tree-hugging, do-good-er, positive personalities and we devised the cunning plan to: offset the carbon footprint of attendees’ travel! :) We’ll be waiting for you at L06! See you soon!

The Eduflow Team

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