New feature: Deadline extensions & individualised activity settings
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New feature: Deadline extensions & individualised activity settings

In an ideal world, all your students would complete their work on time, but in reality, that's rarely the case. That's why we've now made it possible to individualise activity settings for students!

How it works

If a student didn't submit their work before a deadline simply go to the Progress page in your course and click on a cell in the table. From the slide-in, you can change or remove deadlines and prerequisites for the selected student. A small ⚡️-icon will show up inside the cell indicating that the settings for the student have been changed. With this new and powerful feature, you're able to individualise course requirements for all your students!

Simply click a cell and change the activity settings

But wait! There will be more

This is only the beginning of the improvements we will be making for the Progress page. We want to make this page the central hub for all the data generated in your course. Moving forward we will be working on adding:

  • Search
  • More settings to control for an individual student
  • Bulk editing of activity settings for multiple students
  • New data views that will allow you to see more data than just completion states
  • Performance improvements
  • Data export

Let us know what you think of this new update by shooting us an email or tweeting at us!

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