How Eduflow's integration with Turnitin encourages intentional and reflective learning
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How Eduflow's integration with Turnitin encourages intentional and reflective learning

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Eduflow’s integration with Turnitin Similarity offers intuitive course building for institutions and educators, and management with maximum support for academic integrity. Instant insights on the originality of written assignments become available with a simple click. Turnitin's marketing team explain more...

Turnitin, the worldwide leader in similarity detection and assessment solutions, and Eduflow, a widely-trusted collaborative learning platform, have completed a technical integration. Customers of Turnitin Similarity and Eduflow can now easily incorporate text similarity detection into the learning process. 

The integration allows Eduflow users to leverage Turnitin Similarity in learning activities and assessments. Eduflow's easy-to-use interface and functionality remain uninterrupted while a new layer of insight becomes available.

The new integration makes it easier to detect potential plagiarism in written assignments. It allows instructors to quickly identify unoriginal work and support those students who may need extra assistance. Students can now receive the necessary guidance for cultivating information literacy and writing skills.

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“Turnitin was one of the highest priorities for us in terms of integrations,” explains David Kofoed Wind, CEO of Eduflow. “For many of our university partners, Eduflow is used for both low and high-stakes assessment. In this case, having a tight integration with Turnitin is essential.”

Getting started with Turnitin Similarity

Turnitin Similarity works by comparing a written assignment against the most comprehensive and fastest-growing content database. This includes 91 billion current and archived web pages, 1.4 billion global student submissions, and 82 million scholarly journal articles. 

It reliably and accurately uncovers potential plagiarism by identifying any text matches within a given submission. From whole passages to lines of text and phrases, these are quickly identified. 

At a glance, viewers can see a total similarity score and detailed information on each matching source. The similarity report, which can also be downloaded as a PDF for offline use, highlights unoriginal text within student work to simplify contextualization and facilitate further review. It makes it easy to explore text matches, the sources used, and quotes to evaluate the validity of the similarity. 

Turnitin Similarity can also discover deliberate efforts to circumvent similarity checking. Such text manipulations may include character replacement and adding abstracts of hidden text. These insights are available in the Flags panel of the similarity report. 

Turnitin Similarity does not change or interfere with the Eduflow submission processes. Instead, it keeps the familiar Eduflow classroom moving while arming users with greater awareness and understanding of the words they hold as their own. This enhancement actively encourages students to be more independent, authentic, and intentional as they engage with coursework. 

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Customizing Turnitin Similarity is also straightforward. Users can choose to exclude certain types and portions of text such as quotes and bibliography. They can also select which components of the database to use during analysis. Report settings are easily employed for different types of activities and assessments. 

Together, Eduflow and Turnitin Similarity help build a reflective classroom experience that boosts learning outcomes. Turnitin Similarity helps students confidently work with sources and ensure the correctness of citations.

Adopting the integration

If your institution is already a Turnitin customer the integration can be configured right away in the Integrations settings. Once the integration is activated, learners will be able to submit their assignments with Turnitin.

Don’t have a Turnitin license yet? Contact Turnitin today.

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