Eduflow is joining Multiverse to build the future of learning
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Eduflow is joining Multiverse to build the future of learning

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Since we founded Eduflow, our north star has been the belief that the world of education needs a reboot. We know that the traditional way of doing things isn't working, so we built a product that can truly leverage modern technology to bring people closer together and drive real transformative learning experiences.

When it comes to learning the skills needed to navigate the workplace, it’s clear that videos, textbooks and quizzes alone aren’t enough. The future of learning is delivered through the power of working and learning together.

Together, because work and learning shouldn't be separated. Learners should have an opportunity to get real-world experience from day 1 - not only after 3+ years. 

Together in the sense that learning is a social process. We need to learn to leverage those around us to grow from feedback and mentorship. 

Today, we’re delighted to be joining forces with Multiverse. 

We can’t imagine a more perfect partner to drive our vision than Multiverse which is forging equitable pathways to career growth for individuals and organizations through professional apprenticeships. With more than 10,000 apprentices, they have a firm track record for transforming the world of work and learning.

By integrating Eduflow's technology and team into Multiverse's existing stack, apprentices will benefit from more specialization to ensure their skills are directly applicable to their careers; and a greater level of peer-learning, to help build the connections, communication skills and teamwork necessary to thrive.

Eduflow and Multiverse are united by a belief that the future of learning is delivered through the transformational power of working and learning combined. Together we can be at the forefront of that future.

What will happen to my account? Click to read our customers FAQ to learn more about how this impacts you as a customer

Thank you for being part of the Eduflow journey to date, and please do keep in touch as we continue our mission under the Multiverse banner. You can find Multiverse at the links below: 

From David, Simon, and Malthe

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