New feature: Course templates
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New feature: Course templates

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Fear of the blank page is not just a problem for fiction writers, but for instructors as well. It's never easy to start building out your course from scratch, which is why we've created a new course template gallery to help you on your way!

GIF showing how to use course templates
How to find and use our new template gallery

How to use course templates

  1. Clicking on the Create or join button, you now have a new option to browse our template gallery. You can use the categories in the left side to filter our templates.
  2. Select a template to learn more about how it works and what activities it includes.
  3. When you've found a template you want to use, you simply click on 'Use this template' and the template will be copied to your account. Now you can start modifying it to your own needs!

Share your own templates

Wait, hold up, there's more! You can also share your own courses as templates now. That way, you can share courses with your colleagues that they can copy to their own account. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to the course you want to share as a template.
  2. Go to the 'Participants' page.
  3. Change the course link from private to Public course page.
  4. Click on Public course settings
  5. Tick off the checkbox to 'allow other instructors to duplicate course' and save changes. When another instructor is copying your course, they only get the course content. All your course participants will not be copied.
  6. Copy the course link and share it with your colleagues. In the header, they can click on "Use this template" and it will be copied to their account!

'Use this template' button
When you've enabled template sharing, other instructors will be able to copy your course to their own account

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