The Ultimate Roundup of Instructional Resources for Collaborative Remote Learning
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The Ultimate Roundup of Instructional Resources for Collaborative Remote Learning

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In the spring of 2020, COVID-19 abruptly shut 1.37 billion students out of the classroom globally. Universities were left scrambling to find last-minute remote learning solutions. The results were decidedly mixed and left many students and teachers frustrated.

Now, with a bit more time to prepare, instructors and course designers can take a more thoughtful approach to their remote-learning plans. There are more instructional resources out there now than there were pre-pandemic, and they have the information educators need to intentionally create courses that keep students engaged through active, collaborative learning. The future is still uncertain, but we have a better grip on  how to move forward: by creating the best remote learning courses possible.

We’ve compiled a list of the best articles on the web that address surviving and thriving in this new remote learning landscape. Use this list of resources to strengthen your remote learning programs and encourage happier, more involved students.

Get Started with Remote Learning

For many educators with years of classroom teaching experience, making the switch to remote learning feels like starting over at zero. It can be challenging to know where to start.

These articles will help you convert classroom materials into materials that can be used online and will help you get into the right mind-set to teach remotely:

Remote Teaching Tools

Successful remote learning requires educators to select the right learning tools and use them effectively. Use the following articles to build out your online teaching tool stack:

Remote Course Design

Students learn differently online. Instructional designers and teachers must reassess their current course designs to ensure that they still work in an online setting. Here are some pedagogical resources for designing or adapting to remote learning courses:

Remote Collaborative Learning Strategies

Students crave collaborative learning experiences, where they can learn with and from their peers. Community is a major selling point for traditional university education, and it’s something students are sorely missing right now. These articles are bursting with strategies for keeping students engaged with collaborative learning techniques:

Supporting Students

The adjustment from in-person to remote learning has been difficult for students and educators alike. These resources will help you to create a more supportive online learning experience so that nobody gets left behind:

The Future of Remote Learning

What comes after COVID-19? These articles speculate on how our global experiment with remote learning will change higher ed forever:

Know of More Instructional Resources to Add? Let Us Know

The trend toward online learning is here to stay, and the current global remote-learning experiment will play a massive role in how online learning evolves, moving forward. Doing the work now will save you time later. Educators who work to create the best remote-learning experiences now are doing a service both to their students and themselves.

We will update this list continuously. Do you know of other relevant articles we should include? Let us know, so we can add them to our list and share the most relevant list of resources with our readers! 

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