Account Executive

We are looking for two account executives to join our team at Eduflow. Your job will be to help us land new customers, ranging from small self-service subscribers to large enterprise deals. It will be a combination of inbound and outbound sales efforts. You can work remotely or from our Copenhagen office.

Who we are

Eduflow is a tool for running active online learning experiences. We are used at thousands of institutions around the world all the way from middle school to corporate training at Google. We believe that digital tools for learning need to be more than just a playlist of videos. We're building learning activities that instructors can use to engage learners and make them active participants in their own learning process.

We're a team of 12 people, working remotely from Texas to Manila with our HQ in Copenhagen. We started in 2015 building our first product Peergrade and we are backed by top-tier investors such as Y Combinator and Learn Capital.

When it comes to sales, our ambition is to be honest and simple to deal with. We have transparent pricing, we don't try to con customers into buying and we don't try to sell people something they don't need. We believe that we win by having a great product, and by making it easy to buy from us.

What you will help us with

Your work at Eduflow will revolve around growing our recurring revenue. This will happen through a combination of inbound and outbound sales efforts. In addition to direct "on the ground" sales work, you will help us design and implement effective processes, increase demand through growth marketing work and help us work with existing customers to keep them happy and succesful.

💻 Discovery and demo calls with potential customers. When there is an interested potential customer, you will help figure out if there is a good fit between their needs and our product.

🔎 Track and spot potential up-sells and deals from our base of freemium users.

💝 Negotiate enterprise deals to ensure that everyone wins long-term.

📧 Design, write, run and monitor outbound campaigns. We run outbound sales through email, LinkedIn and other channels to get in touch with people who might need Eduflow.

🧠 Help us design, implement and evaluate new growth strategies for Eduflow.

💽 Ensure that we track what we are doing and keep documents and information up to date.

📃 Help manage, send and store invoices, contracts, purchase orders related to deals.

Some of these tasks you will take on alone, and some of them will be in collaboration with others. But you will have full support from the team at all times.

What we expect of you

💼 You have experience with sales. Preferably SaaS sales.

✍️ You have excellent English skills, both when it comes to speaking and writing.

🙌 You are responsible, collaborative and disciplined.

🏃‍♀️ You get things done.

Details about the job

💻 You will be working remotely or from our office in Copenhagen. You should be able to work at least 4 hours in between 9.00AM – 5.00PM CET so you have overlapping time with the marketing & growth team located in Denmark.

💵 Salary is to be negotiated and will be a combination of a base salary and commission.

👩💻 The hiring process includes a few small tasks to help us access your skills.






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15th of October 2021

Application closed
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Since starting at Eduflow I have been involved in a variety of challenging projects and I have the freedom to choose the most appropriate technologies to get the job done. I really enjoy getting to work alongside a talented team with a diverse skillset.
Jamie Connelly, Senior Full-stack Developer @ Eduflow