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Fuel student engagement
with scaffolded discussions

Create discussion activities to foster a sense of community & belonging between your students
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How it works

The discussion activity gives your students the option to post and reply to topics. Using a discussion activity is a great way to let your students engage with each other and strengthen the sense of community in your course.
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Discussion settings

Motivate learners to participate

Nudge students to engage in discussions by giving them a checkmark for participation. You can specify rules for how many interactions students need to make in order to complete the activity.

Create a context for discussions

In order to create meaningful discussions in a learning environment, it’s important to scaffold them and give them context. Combine discussions with other activities and combine them in your learning flows.
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User interface

Create a safe environment for discussions to take place

To create a comfortable space for students to interact with each other, smaller groups create a safer environment in a vulnerable learning process. With the discussion activity, you can separate students into smaller discussion groups.
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Never miss an insightful discussion

We make sure to notify both instructors and students about relevant development in your discussion activities. Never miss an insightful discussion again!
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Add prerequisites

Set up prerequisites for students, so they can only participate in discussions after having completed certain tasks.

Get started with a template

Hit the ground running with one of our templates that shows the capabilities of the discussion activity.

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