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With our expansive and flexible platform, Eduflow supports a wide range of learning experiences.
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  • Employee onboarding & sales training

No training required

Eduflow is easy to use and get started with. It only takes 2 minutes to sign up and create your first course. Yes, we have timed it!

Built-in authoring tool

Formatted text, images, videos, file uploads. Eduflow handles it all and more. No need for a third-party authoring tool!

Save time on giving feedback

With our extensive peer review features you will be able to let learners review each other anonymously and save time on giving feedback.

There's been a huge uptake on engagement after we started using Eduflow and that's a problem that we really struggled with

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Jan Carbonell, co-founder & educator @ Saturdays.AI
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We work with organizations and institutions with thousands of users all over the globe.


Eduflow is built with WCAG standards in mind and can easily be navigated by keyboard and screen readers.

Works on any device

No matter what device you’re using, Eduflow will work right in your browser.


We take privacy as seriously as we take learning. Eduflow is compliant with GDPR and uses Standard Contractual Clauses.



Our live support team covers working hours in both the US and Europe, and our extensive help center supports after-hour queries.


Fair pricing

Built by educators, we believe in equitable education for all.


Connect with the tools you already use

Eduflow can be used as a standalone tool or it can be integrated with tools you are already using for a seamless learning experience.
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All the features you expect, and more.

Eduflow has a long list of features that will help you create great courses.
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Modern, intuitive design

We have high expectations for the software we use, and we know you do too. Our modern, intuitive design feels like a delight, not a drag.

Analytics & insights

Get insights into your course and how your learners perform. We offer extensive insights and analytics tools.

In-app video recordings

Let your learners record webcam and screen recordings directly from the app. Perfect for pitch trainings and personal submissions.

Just-in-time notifications

With our advanced notification system users receive reminders either in-app, or via email.

Easily invite learners

Add learners to your course by sharing a link, sending email invites, or sharing a course code.

Prerequisites & deadlines

Set up prerequistes and deadlines for your content to scaffold your learning experience.

Personalized learning paths

Create personalized paths for your learners based on their needs. You’re in full control of each learner’s personal experience.

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